Download AQWhatsApp V8

 Download AQWhatsApp V8

WhatsApp AQWhatsApp update is the latest update for the eighth version
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New additions in AQWhatsApp, eighth edition
⑧ــــــــــــــ Additions ــــــــــــــ⑧
  1.  Add Android 10 interface
  2. Add new effects to the main screen and scroll sections
  3.  Add a group message to groups in a fabulously new way
  4.  Added enhancement of the featured floating button
  5.  Add the option to hide the floating button in the conversation
  6.  Add a new default theme (day / night)
  7.  Adding new designs for Instagram style cases
  8. Add a new design method
  9.  Add status via Instagram style
  10.  New design for lower navigation bar styles
  11.  Adding a new design to the question when activating the options (internet off mode, day / night mode)
  12.  Added automatic name moving in the upper bar in case it is long
  13.  The addition of the internet shutdown button will give a pulse signal if it is enabled
  14.  Add color options for Instagram cases

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